Oprah winfrey commencement speech

Oprah winfrey—the well known and widely respected global media leader, philanthropist, producer and actress—will deliver the commencement address at smith college. Oprah winfrey shared her secret to success in her 2017 commencement speech at smith college her advice is helpful if you don't know what to do in your career. Here are the best moments from this year's commencement speeches oprah winfrey delivered the 139th commencement in his commencement speech to the cornell. Media legend oprah winfrey took a swipe at cable news and gridlocked washington politicians during her commencement address at harvard university on thursday. Oprah winfrey is a remarkable, inspirational icon here is oprah’s inspiring speech at the commencement ceremony at harvard, to tell students her story.

oprah winfrey commencement speech

Oprah was the commencement speaker for smith college, a women’s liberal arts school in northampton, mass. Over the weekend, media icon and philanthropist oprah winfrey gave a commencement speech to the 2017 graduating class of agnes scott college in decatur her words. Your commencement speech can be either a high 10 of the best commencement speeches of 2016 – from president oprah winfrey attended johnson c. Here are some of the highlights from oprah winfrey’s commencement speech to agnes scott college’s graduating class of 2017.

Oprah winfrey delivered the commencement address at agnes scott college in atlanta on saturday morning. Oprah winfrey's 2008 stanford commencement address [youtube] steve jobs stanford commencement speech 2005 [youtube. Oprah winfrey's commencement speech oprah winfrey gave the 2017 commencement speech for agnes scott college, a private liberal arts college for women in decatur.

In the commencement 2013 afternoon exercises, oprah winfrey encouraged students to rebound from setbacks, using her own experiences as examples of how to do so. Commencement speech season is in full swing, with everyone from mark zuckerberg and sheryl sandberg to oprah winfrey and will ferrell giving speeches this. Since mid-may, media mogul oprah winfrey has been on a college graduation tour, attending the commencement ceremonies of women who went to the oprah winfrey.

Sunday morning, oprah winfrey stood in front of a crowd of college graduates, their family members and a slew of reporters to deliver the commencement. Oprah winfrey will deliver smith college's commencement address on sunday, may 21st. Dr oprah winfrey addresses the class of 2009 at duke university's graduation commencement. Oprah winfrey delivers the commencement address to the spelman college class of 2012.

Oprah winfrey commencement speech

oprah winfrey commencement speech

Graduates cheers as global media leader and international philanthropist oprah winfrey gives the keynote speech at the winfrey, stanford's keynote commencement.

  • Oprah winfrey was the principal speaker at the afternoon exercises of harvard university's 362nd commencement read the transcript of her speech now.
  • Media mogul and philanthropist oprah winfrey will deliver the 2012 commencement address at spelman college on sunday, may 20 the class of approximately 550 will soak.
  • If you watch enough commencement speeches, if you gather the collective wisdom of people who have made it in life, you start to see a trend.
  • Oprah winfrey gave the 2017smith college commencement speech sunday, may 21, offering wisdom and encouragement to graduates of the all-women school.

Oprah winfrey to give commencement speech at agnes scott college setting of henrietta lacks movie. On thursday, oprah winfrey delivered a commencement speech for harvard’s graduating class of 2013 (photo: harvard university. The answer oprah winfrey’s recent commencement address at harvard university oprah’s commencement confusion oprah winfrey at harvard on may 30. Oprah winfrey has agreed to give commencement speeches at colleges in massachusetts and new york smith college in northampton, massachusetts, and skidmore college in.

oprah winfrey commencement speech oprah winfrey commencement speech oprah winfrey commencement speech oprah winfrey commencement speech

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